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Posted: Wednesday, July 12, 2017 5:01 PM


Hi there let me explain briefly:

1. Need reliable auto so if relationship is what you want you must be willing to help me with auto. I have work but no wheels. It sucks. Unless your a mechanic and can fix my truck that also wld be a huge favor.

2. If 0 relationship is seeked and u prefer instead some kind of a trade or swap maybe we can work out deal. I have electronics, my truck etc, and more I cld swap for an reliable auto. Hope you understand; not just what I listed is all or only what Im willing or have to swap.

3. If u want relationship you must respect me, have a job, be friendly, willing to go do stuff for fun instead of just sitting at home etc.

4. You must drive or know how too drive. License you dont need to have I can teach you how too drive if your decent and worth the/my effort.

5.You must not be controlling unless its cute control aka in other words you must know and learn how to trust me.

6. You must like dogs. Theres dogs around where I live and I have some of my own.

7. Must not be greedy with money and think like retards and greedy bastards do! They think that girlfriend is not a wife so no sense to help her with anything, and to think its only okay for gf to help bf although he has tons more money than the gf has!

8. He must not go threw my wallet and take my money or anything from my wallet!

9. You must have an bk bone if someone runs their mouths to harm me or are jealous and runs me down as trust me I always keep to myself and away from ppl like that but my recent ex is obsessed with me seems his bro is too and tried controlling my life. I have days where there is calls and pop ins of harassment and I leave home for walks or to go with frnds to ignore the bs. However if by chance you were to visit in my home town and ppl came to be nosey I need a man whom wld be decent to save trbl but if hes feeling or thinking something about the situation he may speak up or choose to ask me if im ready to leave bc of the drama nosey ppl arriving. Dont have to say bc of those ppl unless u want too aka in other words its your choice what you say and do im not bossy n dont want 2 be your boss. Just want a man that not only I have to speak up in our relationship. Example if someone says something neg to you of course im ready to spk up if you dont but when i do spk up im respectful most possible way to spk my mind but if ppl dont like truth and starts mouths running for an feud there are times I will stop respect and just blankly say how it is. But always I attempt drama too stop before or at beginning of starting by respectfully using my most respectful voice and words calmly asking for it either too end or too end before it begins.

10.So warning label lol in advance: where I reside there is drama and nosey ppl whom become too jealous of ppl like I who keep to themselves. So the ppl want to get involved noticing my life is way different than theirs more private. Lol they seem to act as though bc they dk what im doing or where im at 24 7 that their gonna be private investigator believing I have something im hiding in my life or they think they need to meet all of my frnds trying to make new frnds threw me etc that they cld try to begin drama with them as well. So to avoid all of the towns nosey and drama ppls i learn whom they are by keeping to myself and taking notice unknown to them as an safety precaution for myself so thus way those i do tlk too i know in advance rather if their ones to add on words not said or to make bs up and if they are bc im kind and socialize with everyone then i just watch what i say in front of certain ppl.

11. I prefer a life without drama. And as for a mans family his closest family members too him some fam members of an exes in the past disliked me bc i tried helping my ex get an bk bone instead of always breaking himself and handing all of his cash to his fam behind my bk they always asked. They tlkd him in2 stopping help me pay any bills associated between both of us needing or etc and always had to pay bk money he let me get even 4 a bottle of soap or even gas to get me to work while i was broke from buying the food both of our necessities etc it didnt matter if my last 💰 went spent onto him there was no hand wash the other. Strictly was i figure 4 everything he and I both needed then if gas or sumthin was needed to help me get 2 work so i cld stay supporting us he didnt figure it to be his part to help me. I instead had too pay him bk the gas money etc then still try to figure for all of our needs for that wk and bills out of my chk remains . he wld bitch where all your money go i simply said i have receipts he wld say household items etc werent needed it was a waste of money in his eyes 2 keep my home clean. So few times i got sick hearing cleaning stuff and other nedded items were wasted money i made home an complete mess said there saves me money lol. Anyways so he tattled to his bro on me and then always we had convos private it didnt matter always he told his fam everything even bout private bj relations since i wldnt sex him not wanting his bro 2 know bout me in sack bc his bro tells whole world everything plus began interest in me which was wrong being im down with 1 man only! So all they cld tlk about was my bjs since sex was not an option avlbl. And yes his bro had big fit that i didnt care bout his bro and suppsdly embaressed of dating my ex bc he had no sex details 2 spread or 2 know about bc i refused sex feeling i want intimacy and not hear bout my sex life from others. So no man whos greedy places all onto me makes me buy everything for us and the home i want man decent who i can sex with who the world is not going to hear every detail bout everything we do sex wise i want a man who will tell his bro off if he tries controlling me running me down when i not did 1 thing wrong and tells his bro if his bro tries taking control of me as if im his i want my man to spk up.

my ex wld complain to me and if he was not complaining about them taking his money, shittin me down etc he was taking cruelty anger onto me bc he feared speaking up to his fam for himself. I cant deal with that ever again. Also he was mentally ill so dealing with his cruelty which got way worse when he went threw his illness symptoms which his fam preached him into his episodes by running me down bc i disallowed them from using him and knowing he loved me it made him ill bc he cld not handle constantly their words against me but had no bk bone to spk ☝ so he bottled all their bs until he became too over whelmed with it causing his episodes to occur.

As that illness and attachment to your family to believe all they say negative against me is not what im lookin for. I dont want man with an mental illness !depression is okay i can deal with that and help you threw it but erotic cruelty episodes illnesses i refuse to deal with again.

As for momma boys who love they mom more than normalty , guys stuck to their fam like glue who cant separate from the hip to give an relationship an chance instead let they fam choose their gf i cant deal nor date any guy who is attached more to mommy thn normal, hip attached to fam letting fam choose who u date, nor those who let fam out of the blues attempt to control me my life our relationship and or shits me down bc ur fam is 2 faced !them guys who have any of that happening or goin on in life I wld not give you a chance.

Basically theres bout me, my shitty life i had with my ex to vrs to know what im looking for and refusing to look forward too, and to conclude some things I want my new man to have as for qualities aka bk bone not drama doesnt need 2 run every detail 2 his fam hes not greedy he dont expect gettin pd bk after he helps me out bc i always help much as possible or i always keep a man of mine who respcts me; very happy etc

I dont want an cruel abusive greedy drama making bizz repeating mental case asshole never again!

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